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  • Would you welcome a world that works for everyone?
  • Are you motivated to work with others to manifest that vision of an abundant and sustainable planet, living in harmony with all life?
Community Planet is a unique project whose purpose is to create just such a world through a living example of a sustainable Community which is governed by consensus and holds an intention of aligning with the highest good of all — an integrated solution replacing the piecemeal approach that has failed to solve the many challenges we face. While there are many intentional communities, what is different here is that we are proposing a model on a scale that would change everything.


A Solution that works for everyone

As Described in the Award winning Book

Do you know that there are enough resources for all life to live together in abundance?

Do you believe there is a way to tap these resources that is sustainable and where everyone wins?

Do you have the courage to really see what is needed, and then take the steps to implement it?

Will you join us in creating sustainable Communities- that are based on the Highest Good For All - the basic building block that is needed to transform our world?

Not only can we save our planet's environment,

but we can also create the opportunity for all people everywhere to lead inspired and abundant lives on all levels.

that's (r)evolution

that is consensus building.

The Next Evolution Book

THE NEXT EVOLUTION: a Blueprint for Transforming the Planet asks the question: How can we create a world that works for everyone?

MORE than asking, it answers that question in a viable, dynamic way that is both inspiring and motivating — presenting a compelling alternative to the everyone-for-themselves approach that has been so ingrained on our planet for thousands of years. For a free chapter Click here

Consensus Trainings

Community Planet’s consensus training moves beyond just skills and procedures to accessing the consciousness of the “Highest Good” — a consciousness necessary to create a world that works for everyone.

  • “This training, in my opinion, is so needed in our society.”
  • “For me, the whole experience was magical!”
  • “This was my first consensus training and my experience was life-changing.” More…
Aeroponic Tower Gardens

You no longer need to own land in order take control of your food supply. A patio, a balcony, even some indoor spaces will do.

A tower garden is a simple, innovative, and sustainable system that enables you to grow a variety of produce through aeroponics and without the toxins of traditional agriculture.

Eat Fresh!  Eat Clean!