07 Aug

From Personal to Collective Responsibility


Many people in this day and age have participated in personal growth trainings and/or spiritual practices that teach taking personal responsibility for what we create in our individual lives. However, an extension of personal responsibility is that, as part of the whole of humanity, we also have a responsibility for the greater good of all.             Continue Reading




4 thoughts on “From Personal to Collective Responsibility

  1. The fundamental core value of our society is that we are separate from the natural world, and by extension, each other. As a result, our decisions rarely consider the impact on others or the natural world. For example, oil exploration, extraction, transportation, refinement and end use cause untold damage to the natural world and according to the world health organization, the premature deaths of over 4 million people a year from air pollution. The narrative of separation is clearly destructive and scientifically falsifiable. We need a new narrative that is in alignment with the natural world before it is too late. Science tells us that we are related to all living things and connected to absolutely everything in the cosmos. A narrative of oneness is what is required for life on our planet to prosper.
    In this new narrative there is no distinction between personal responsibility and collective responsibility. What is good for all living things is good for the individual and vice versa.

    • Well said and, I agree with you totally. When we have the consciousness of the one, then we do take care of it all and everything because there is no you/me, mine/yours kind of distinction. Moving into that consciousness is also what assists the consensus process to work best.

  2. Well said. here’s the deal; we may be witnessing the first time in human history (however long you think that is) when world consciousness is actually waning. it is so thinned down and spread out now there only seems to be enough for self-gratification. so I think that is what needs to be appealed to ultimately. as someone getting into Jungian analysis now it appears he was really the cutting edge thinker we need to start adopting. everyone is so dumbed down and numbed out now we are stuck with the most basic appeal to economic and political power. all the big human ideas like truth, justice, integrity, love, equality, freedom, and others, including responsibility, all those ideas worth dying for, have all evaporated. yuk!!

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