11 Jul

A Consciousness of Sustainability


In our personal lives, crisis can give rise to the opportunity to expand spiritually in order to make meaning of experiences and garner the strength and wisdom to meet the challenge. In the similar way, the current crisis on the planet of such extra-ordinary proportions as global warming and environment toxicity can lead to disasters of monumental proportion if we don’t go to a higher level of consciousness to solve them. Like Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”   Continue Reading


11 Jul

Creativity, Collaboration and Consensus


One thing that always strikes me when I experience or listen to people attempting to make joint decisions is that each person’s perspective and choice is often presented as an either/or alternative. Everyone then proceeds to make a case for whatever it is that they are advocating, hoping to convince the other person(s) of the wisdom of their preference. Another version of that is when one person presents an idea or proposal and the other person(s) vetoes it based on their concerns about it — often very valid ones.   Continue Reading