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Community Planet has found what we feel is a Highest Good social network. We feel it is Highest Good because it gives 90% of its ad revenue back to its users. JOIN US HERE if you’d like to participate:

In so doing you will also be supporting One Community (who invited us), Sustainable Human (who invited them), and Trust Me, I’m an “Eco-Designer (who invited Sustainable Human). People that you invite will then also be supporting you and all these sustainable organizations too.

It works just like Facebook but pays its users to use it, and we feel that it is only a matter of time until tsu becomes the dominant social network on the planet.  If you run a sustainable or Highest Good organization (with an EIN #), sign up as such and then sign yourself up as an individual underneath your organization. Then help promote forward thinking groups like yourself just like we are: by sharing what supporting your organization means because it is supporting all of us too.