14 Nov

Consciousness is the Key

Consciousness is the Key

Sometimes we hear from people that Community Planet has an unrealistic utopian view of creating Communities that could serve as a model for transforming the planet. They say that utopian societies have been tried and have not worked.  Because we all form ideas in our minds of what others are presenting, it’s difficult to go further in the conversation unless the other party truly knows what our vision is. We’ve heard from many people over the years who have read our book and/or grasped the vision from our website and completely resonate with it because it is the common sense solution that people would arrive at to create a world that works for everyone.

On the subject of Utopias, we included in our book a Bucky Fuller quote: “The world is now too dangerous for anything less than Utopia.” That being said, our original quote is that “You can’t have a Utopian society without Utopian people” — and that’s where our Community Planet vision comes into play. We suspect that past efforts at Utopias have not focused on ensuring that all members held the consciousness of the Highest Good For All and that they both trained applicants in consensus decision making and screened all applicants to make sure that they had the maturity of consciousness that is the consciousness of the Highest Good For All Life.  As we wrote in a recent blog, consciousness is even the key to Sustainability.

Then, when a cluster of Communities based on the Highest Good demonstrate a way of living together and relating together where the people are far more abundant on all levels, we will have a model to show the world. Replication will occur when people see that the residents are happier, healthier, having more fun, more attuned to Nature, experiencing more Loving connections within themselves and with others, working far less time, etc. (described in detail in our book).  They will learn that, to be a part of this new model, a transition into a Highest Good consciousness is a prerequisite, and, when ready, they will make that choice out of their own self interest for a far better life. This doesn’t happen all at once, but just when people are ready.  Starting with the replication of that first Community, and then each Community inspiring a replication, it would take just a generation to transform our entire planet.

07 Aug

From Personal to Collective Responsibility


Many people in this day and age have participated in personal growth trainings and/or spiritual practices that teach taking personal responsibility for what we create in our individual lives. However, an extension of personal responsibility is that, as part of the whole of humanity, we also have a responsibility for the greater good of all.             Continue Reading




11 Jul

Creativity, Collaboration and Consensus


One thing that always strikes me when I experience or listen to people attempting to make joint decisions is that each person’s perspective and choice is often presented as an either/or alternative. Everyone then proceeds to make a case for whatever it is that they are advocating, hoping to convince the other person(s) of the wisdom of their preference. Another version of that is when one person presents an idea or proposal and the other person(s) vetoes it based on their concerns about it — often very valid ones.   Continue Reading