Consensus Training Hermosa Beach, CA

Why Consensus
In most current decision and governance entities, the most powerful and outspoken have had a disproportionate control over our lives. A core difference in a world that works for everyone would be to consider the effect on and maximize the input of all those involved in a decision, thus effecting much higher quality solutions. Therefore, Communities envisioned by Community Planet would utilize consensus as their decision-making process. Through consensus, as taught by Community Planet, we can return control to the people for the decisions that affect their everyday lives. In addition, criteria for these decisions would include the “highest” or “greatest” good of all living things.

Since consensus is essentially an approach to living and working in harmony, the skills for consensus decision-making are effective in any context in which people aspire to live and work in one accord — not just situations in which decisions are made collectively. The skills carry over to participants’ relationships in all areas of life. As an example, couples have often found that what they learn in the trainings have greatly enhanced their partnerships.

Description of Training

Consensus decision-making, in it’s simplest definition, is a process in which a group of two or more people include input from all members to find the “highest” solution to issues or situations and where all members then agree to abide by the group decision. The goal is to use the creativity of those involved to bring forward outcomes that are greater than any individual’s contribution through a synergy that transcends the sum of collective thinking. Consensus is a way to synthesize various ideas, perspectives and concerns into superior decisions that everyone can support.

We have found that both accessing a consciousness of the highest good as well as practical skills in group decision-making and consensus procedures are important in successful decision-making by consensus. To that end we have developed a unique consensus training to help people practice accessing that consciousness and those skills in simulated and real consensus exercises.

What’s different about our Consensus Trainings
What sets Community Planet’s consensus training apart from many others is our focus on accessing the consciousness of the Highest Good For All. We do cover techniques and procedures, but that is secondary to the consciousness that it takes to truly do consensus. Thus our trainings are a comprehensive 40 hour journey, and what you learn can be incorporated into interactions in everyday life whether it be with yourself, with another person or with a group(s).

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Skills are developed through individual reflection, large group and partner processes, simulated consensus and team building exercises. Those attending will enhance their ability to:
  • Create an environment of enhanced cooperation, heightened innovation, and open communication that inspires commitment and teamwork which can deal effectively with challenges, changes and problems.
  • Move past personal preferences to the highest potential/good of all concerned.
  • Facilitate groups to become more cohesive, unified, highly motivated, and productive.
  • Express more confidently and effectively in interactions with others.
  • Craft wise, creative courses of action that benefit everyone.
  • Expand approaches to conflict resolution.
  • Improve communication and listening skills.
  • Participate fully and facilitate the full participation of each member of the group.
  • Build healthier business and personal relationships.

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