“If you would like to be trained to open up to your greatest experience of complete giving and receiving in loving harmony, this is the perfect vehicle for that purpose…I felt such a beautiful expansion in my own spirit gifts and loving intuition with the members and facilitators of the Consensus Course. I learned to build a community environment by being ever mindful of the safety of the whole group. I learned that when you focus on the safety and inclusiveness of all members, the job at hand becomes a much easier task. … Make sure that you really do want to expand your consciousness before showing up for the Consensus Training. It will push you forward!!” – Lenora L.

“If you seek better communication, better relationships, genuine and abundant love and to learn decision-making in which everyone is an equal and fully benefits, then you ‘need’ this training!” – Dave J.

“I experienced coming to consensus with a group for the first time – quite a gratifying experience. I also experienced deep personal learning around perception and ownership of feelings – and especially how to hold the highest good of the group as the most important aspect of group decision-making. … This thinking is applicable to every business and life situation where groups must cooperate.” – Johnny S.


“This training, in my opinion, is so needed in our society. I think this is unlimited in its appeal. There is no end. … It could save organizations money, it could help keep married couples together, teenage children from being so frustrated, etc. Everyone wants to be heard and consensus training provides that.” – Tatiana K.


“Both times I took the training, I had at least 3 or more major breakthroughs in my life and I went home a different person. I also found that my relationships with everyone improved. Others noticed that I had changed and were also inspired by me. I love the training very much and would come again to see what other breakthroughs I can have….I used to have an internal battle with myself about what I should say, what I shouldn’t say, how should I say it, if it’s worth it to say it, the consequences of saying it, etc. I see this as myself trying to go through a consensus process with myself.

Now, I can just ask one question and the answer becomes much clearer much faster. That is, ‘Is this for the highest good of all concerned?’ ” – Jin H

“For me, the whole experience was magical. The people, the training, and Jack and Connie were amazing. I loved every second and I hope to be back again for the next one. Thank you so much!” – Justin P.

“This is my first consensus training and my experience was life-changing. The training prepared me to engage in life to its fullest contact. … Jack and Connie, it was an honor to have you folks as our facilitators. You definitely had a wonderful impact on my personal and married life. Thank you so very much.” – Angela C.

“This training can do nothing but help you get in touch with yourself and the way you deal with decision-making sessions involving others, whether it be your partners, spouse, or in group situations. It improves listening skills 10 fold, and this alone makes for better decisions.” – Eliot D.


“The Community Planet Foundation offers a consensus decision-making learning opportunity that emphasizes the consciousness needed to achieve group consensus in an inclusive, safe environment.” – Marcus S.

“I’ve been able to integrate Consensus into my life as a way of being. I’m getting out of the need for power struggle.” – David B.

“This is the best training for couples that I’ve ever taken because it teaches the essence of safe and loving communication.” – Miriam G

“Honestly, I felt that everything that was presented was PERFECT. I feel that I was in the presence of highly conscious Facilitators throughout the entire 4 days. You are Authentic, Compassionate, Loving, Humorous, Awake beings… Our team has been transformed for the better, individually and collectively.” – Julie D.

“The training was awesome! You have contributed immensely to my growth as a leader as well as my understanding of what leadership can look like. You have both contributed so much of your love, time and energy to this. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!” – Jae S.

Consensus Training Tiocan, France

Tiocan, France

“The idea of a leader as being someone who facilitates other leaders is a powerful awareness, and when everyone is acting as a leader, everyone is taking responsibility for the whole… There is a brilliance to the group mind and heart, and there are essential skills to harnessing that potential.” – Andres A.

“What made it enjoyable was the wonderful people and seeing that consensus actually works. You and Connie have amazing listening, observation and training abilities. Seeing the less vocal ones bring forth warm, colorful ideas and easing into positions of influence was magical.” – George N.

“I’m having a difficult time coming up with who WOULDN’T benefit from this training! Sheerly for what it offers as a way for people to engage one another, whether they’re in a decision-making process or not. And the insights into self through such deep engagements are profound, if one is willing to receive them…My communication skills just got quite a boost! I also feel where my levels of compassion, receptivity and assessment have been bolstered.” – Ember D.

“The training helped me to become conscious of parts of myself that I wasn’t aware of. I found it beneficial in many areas of my life, including communication within myself and with all my relationships with others.” – Brian A.