CPF’s vision is:

A world that works for everyone created by people living and working together in thriving, cooperative, sustainable Communities based on the Highest Good of all life.

CPF’s mission is:

To educate and mobilize people to create a model large-scale cooperative Community demonstrating a happier, healthier, more fulfilling and abundant way of living that will inspire replication and lead to a world that works for everyone.

Imagine a more abundant lifestyle in Community
A cooperative Community enables people to see what is possible
Imagine living in a Community of loving, nurturing friends who live and work together in harmony with themselves, each other, and all life. Nature flourishes on hundreds of beautiful acres, and food is grown organically, using modern growing techniques and edible landscaping. This retreat-like setting provides easy access to walk the land and play and enjoy the outdoors. When residents are finished doing meaningful and fulfilling work, they still have an abundance of time to participate in the full array of growth, creative, and recreational opportunities. Organized sports, music, movies, good conversation, and other fun and relaxing activities are freely available, and the residents enjoy them with friends within walking distance.
Such a demonstration Community may not be a new idea. However, a Community of this scope, utilizing the latest technology and redefining how people live together, is something that may be an answer to the problems now facing the planet.
Our model Community:
  • Consists of 400-500 diverse people, and then a cluster of six or so Communities to show a model of 3,000 people.
  • Is of sufficient size to have amenities such as schools, healthcare facilities, a variety of sports and recreational opportunities, etc.
  • Demonstrates eco-harmonious practices that will show how to preserve and enhance planetary resources for future generations.
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art, positive technology to create better living.
  • Is designed to be energy self-sufficient.
  • Redefines wealth as use and access rather than as possession, enabling everyone to live more abundantly through the sharing of resources.
  • Cares for one another in ways that foster interdependence and provides for the needs of all.
  • Is designed as a pedestrian Community with walking and bike paths rather than roadways.
  • Is comprised of socially responsible businesses, eliminating commuting.
  • Utilizes consensus decision-making for the key decisions that affect the lives of its residents.
  • Takes a Systems approach to address all the interconnected political//economic/social//environmental challenges facing our planet.


What it is not:
  • A place where one has to sacrifice quality of life.
  • A haven for people living on the fringe.
  • A place to escape from society.
  • A small-scale, limited-in-scope intentional community.