Community Plans

CPF, will plan, raise funds for and start a demonstration Community which will serve as a ‘living laboratory’ for research and a ‘classroom’ and training center for education with respect to the principles and goals of the Community.

The Layout of our Community

Eco-architects have created many different designs for what a Bio-Harmonious, Eco-Technological Community might look like. There are so many wonderful options, and, to be in harmony with the environment, a specific Community Planet design would depend on the location. The drawings below are there just to give some ideas. Our partners at One Community do have a piece of land for which they have created designs, so we invite you to look at the first area they plan to build: and their page on housing options:

Residents of the Community will fall into three categories. First, there will be a core of group participants who will live, work, research and teach full-time in the Community. Second, their will be people who are ‘temporary’ residents who will spend an extended period of their time living in the Community for various purposes including research and gaining experience for starting new Communities. Finally, there will be students and visitors who will spend short periods of time in the Community mainly for educational and training purposes.

CPF’s activities to date have primarily been research and investigation, networking with similar organizations and existing communities and giving public presentations and workshops. Activities in the near future will include continued research and networking, fund raising and detailed planning and organizing workshops and seminars. The public education functions of CPF will be carried on throughout the planning, development and building of the demonstration Community.

Community Renderings

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Drawings by Thomas Slagle.