The Need for this Project

When we look at the world we live in, we see conflict, personal alienation and isolation, hunger, poverty, unequal wealth distribution, and the increasing consequences of climate change which are threatening the survival of our planet. We have made greed on one hand and monetary survival on the other the excuses for harming the environment and for not providing basic needs for all. Our everyone-for-themselves paradigm has resulted in concentrating resources and power in the hands of a few. However, even though our society fosters the idea of happiness coming from the accumulation of wealth, those who get caught up in this pursuit often find themselves also experiencing separation and aloneness.

There are so many things that need fixing and these problems are so interconnected that to try to fix them piece-by-piece is not possible. To heal the planet’s imbalances, we must use a Systems approach to address these interconnections rather than merely Band-Aiding the symptoms.

But how can we address everything? There are enough resources and manpower on earth for all of us to live abundantly. So what is the problem?

The way our lives are set up, the way our cities are designed, and the way our economy functions have resulted in a negative impact on our planet and the separation of everyone trying to survive on their own, with large parts of the population being marginalized.

Anyone looking at these problems can see that we need a new paradigm. We must change how we live together and relate together so that our lives work for the Highest Good Of All Life. A model of a successful cooperative Community will enable people to see what is possible. People can change the world when they see and experience a better way. Community Planet’s solution has been described in The Next Evolution: a Blueprint for Transforming the Planet.