Community Planet is designed to transform the planet

We believe that the way we live together and relate together in Community is the basic building block that is needed to transform our planet. The creation of the Community Planet model Community will enable others to see a model showing how we can all cooperate and enjoy a higher, healthier, and happier standard of living.

With media exposure, millions will be able to see and hear about a life-style that they, too, can enjoy. Future Communities built along CPF guidelines will support individuals in their personal growth, in obtaining their personal goals, and in enabling them to have a prosperous life-style through the sharing of resources, while, at the same time, addressing our global challenges.

Eventually we envision that the replication of the Community Planet models around the world will have a transformational effect on the environment, world peace, and the prosperity of all humankind as we finally learn the benefit of choosing to live together cooperatively in order to address social justice issues and the “Highest Good” for All Life on our planet.

Bringing Change Through Community Building

The new paradigm can only be created by a group of people who come from a loving place inside themselves, absolutely hold the consciousness of the Highest Good For All, and have the vision to bring that into manifestation. People need to see that there is another way, that we don’t have to continue doing the separation that has bred this everyone-for-themselves approach that has been in place unquestioned for thousands of years. People need to see a Community of people who adopt a way of living together and relating together in Community on the principle of the Highest Good For All. When people see the quality of life and the ecological balance that is possible, they will also want to learn the consciousness and the form it takes to do that, and this is what will ultimately transform the planet.

We have a saying: “The solution for everything is the solution to anything.” Virtually every challenge that one can think of can be resolved by the creation of worldwide Communities such as has been described in The Next Evolution.

If this is a vision that resonates with you, go to the ACT NOW link.