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The Next Evolution

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From Tomorrow’s God by Neale Donald Walsch:

NDW: This whole idea we are now discussing was articulated in The Next Evolution , the book by Jack Reed I mentioned a moment ago.
GOD: Yes, I gave Jack those inspirations.
Jack was inspired to write that the world could change overnight if humanity simply changed its definition of wealth from “possession and power” to “use and cooperation,” and he is right.

From Neale Donald Walsch’s Foreword to the book:

As I said in Conversations with God – Book 1, we must change from the everyone-for-themselves model. We need to deeply explore an alternative way of living together on the earth. Jack Reed did exactly that. He met with a small group of people for three years and explored with them, in detail, what it would look like for a community and for an entire society to live together in a Highest Good For All model, and how that model, along with the necessary consciousness, would inspire others to both strive for the consciousness, as well as transform the whole economic, political, social. environmental model.I am impressed with Jack Reed’s work. I may not agree with every conclusion to which he and his group have come. I may not concur with every suggestion they have made. But I appreciate at the depth of my being their willingness to examine the question, to explore the issues, and to develop a model to place on the table for discussion by the whole of humanity.

Let us then use this model, let us then take advantage of this sterling work, let us then receive this gift from Jack Reed and his companions on the journey of life, who have given us one path that we might all take as we continue on our own journey. Let us see what there is to see about all of this. Let us use this model as a starting point for wider discussion.

The human heart and the human mind cry out for an end to the killing, to the violence, to the conflict, and to the cruelty which has marked human interactions for so many thousands of years. The human soul calls out,’Who will be on humanity’s team?’

I join Jack Reed in seeking a newer world, and I applaud his dedication, commitment, and high intention to produce a plan of action that we might investigate and discuss with real seriousness and with a genuine opportunity to, at last, alter the human experience.

For some ideas that are definitely not elementary ideas, but could lead to the advancement of the human species to levels of collective experience more wonderful than any of us might heretofore have imagined, read this book from cover to cover.