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One of the core principles of the Community Planet is to grow food in a sustainable way and that is healthy and organic. While that would be another area of life facilitated by living in community, it is something that most of us would like to do right now. Traditionally, people have needed land to take charge of their food supply and know what they are eating.
Recently, CPF started using an innovative, cost-effective way of growing organic food through a vertical aeroponic growing device called a Tower Garden. Owners do not have to own land for gardening but can grow their own produce on a patio, a balcony or rooftop in a sustainable way, vastly expanding the number and variety of living situations in which consumers can have access to healthy organic food.
CPF Tower Garden Farm

CPF Tower Garden Farm


Tower Gardens

Even those who have land for growing can benefit from taking charge of their food supply in this way since the towers use a fraction of the water of planted food crops, eliminate the need for weeding, are less vulnerable to pests, utilize a well researched nutrient solution that feeds a wide varieties of plants and are self watering through a pump system with timers. The cost of a basic unit amortizes in a year or less for anyone that is now buying organic produce – probably slightly more if they buy conventionally grown.
We see this expansion of people growing their own food as another way to combat the toxic food supply system created by Big Ag and create a way to grow organic food that is not vulnerable to contamination by GMO seeds that can threaten even organic farms.
The trademark magic is in the nutrient mix. Because different vegetables need different nutrients for optimal nutrition value, unless soil is perfectly amended for a particular vegetable, one cannot receive the optimum value from the plant. With the Tower Gardens, each plant will take the nutrients that it needs for optimal nutrition. The peer-reviewed research on this is impressive.
Tower Garden Beans

Tower Garden Beans

We have decided to become distributors of tower gardens in order to let people know about this incredible technology and to support people in growing, sustainable, organic, and healthy food. (We’ve been growing most of our veggies from the Tower Garden’s for over a year).
For more detailed information about the product see the video links below and/or go to our Community Planet Tower Garden website:
Seeding Plants for Tower Garden

Seeding Plants for Tower Garden


How they work (1.5 min.):

Informative interview for growing for family(5.5 min.):

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