The Next Evolution

A Blueprint for Transforming the Planet


The Next Evolution

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“The more I read your book the more this question comes to my mind, “How can this book not be the most read book around the world?”

– Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Non-Violent Communication

“I loved this book!”

– Representative Dennis Kucinich

“The best analysis I’ve ever read on what is happening in the world and what we can do to fix it.”

– Margaret Carswell

“I just finished reading your book, and my first response to it is a simple ‘WOW’! You have done a beautiful job of inspirational visioning which allowed my heart, mind, and soul to soar while contemplating the awesome possibilities inherent in this scenario.”

– Brian Freund

“The Next Evolution outlines tangible, practical approaches for effecting planet-saving solutions. Ones that recognize, honor, and put into practice procedures that build on the interconnectedness of all things on the Earth. It proposes Capital ‘C’ Community where consensus rules and solutions for the Highest Good of All are implemented.”

– Laren Bright

“Jack is a dedicated environmentalist who thinks through the world’s problems in the context of universal guidelines that allow for everyone to live in peace and abundance.”

– Ken Jones

“God bless you Jack for your inspiration, your courage and your willingness to present a multi-dimensional solution for ‘the highest good of all concerned.’”

– Neal Hightower

“The Next Evolution is one of those priceless looks into the future as only Buckminster Fuller used to do for me.”

– Audrey Reed (no relation)

“I join Jack Reed in seeking a newer world and I applaud his dedication, commitment and high intention to produce a plan of action that we might investigate with real seriousness and with a genuine opportunity, at last, alter the human experience.”

– Neale Donald Walsch, best-selling author of Conversations with God

What You Will Learn From This Book…

Review by Small Press Bookwatch

The Next Evolution: A Blueprint For Transforming The Planet by Jack Reed is an original work of vision which encompasses worldwide ecological, political, economic, and cultural realities. Offering revolutionary models for living in harmony and sharing abundance in a manner that will allow the world and all its people to thrive, The Next Evolution is a sweeping and upbeat manifesto of specific methods by which humanity can best transform and enlighten itself. What the readers are offered is quite literally, a prescription that will resolve contemporary social, economic, political, environmental, economic, and social issue concerns that otherwise will threaten the very continuance of humankind on planet Earth.

Book Summary

As we know, the world faces many challenges at the start of the millennium. These problems are now so severe and so interconnected that to try to solve any one of them within our present model of living is at best a Band-Aid approach. As a result, the projections are that our quality of life will greatly diminish in the next few decades. Knowing this, many authors have written many books advancing their theories about what can be done. Unfortunately, few, if any, of these books step out of the box and go far enough to really address the changes that have to be made.

The Next Evolution: A Blueprint for Transforming the Planet asks and answers, in a simple and practical way, the question: How can we start making the planet work for everyone? This book challenges the viability of our every-person-for-themselves approach to living that has been so ingrained through thousands of years of practice that most people have never even conceived of an alternative approach—especially one that would include our entire planet. (Read more..)

2007 Eric Hoffer Award


Honorable Mention: The New York Book Faire
Honorable Mention: The London Book Faire


Jack Reed is truly a visionary who has spent over five decades studying, examining and experiencing with ways to make this planet a better place. In The Next Evolution he paints this vision of a new world in a conversational, candid and often humorous style that is both persuasive and inspiring.